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teen depression

March 10, 2009


Connecting with Kids posted a helpful article on identifying signs of depression in teenagers.  While I do not agree with their prescriptions for treating these kinds of problems (as they do not flow out of a biblical worldview of sin & redemption), I do think there is merit in their research on common symptoms.  I […]

Featured Resource: Dating Booklet for Teens

January 27, 2009


One of the goals of this blog is to provide a free platform for sharing ministry resources with other pastors, youth pastors, and parents outside the Highview sphere.  Today I wanted to highlight one in particular that we get asked about a lot, especially from parents – dating and sexuality.  The Highview staff has compiled […]

does your iphone make you dumber?

January 15, 2009


I came across an interesting article written by Sally Thomas in the November issue of First Things.  The piece is called iPhones have consequences, and basically points to a number of studies lamenting the dumbing down of young people due to the emergence of technologies such as iPhones and high-speed internet.  I enjoyed the article, […]