Soma Church Indy is on!

Posted on January 14, 2012


I am stoked (and a little late) to announce on here that we have relocated to Indianapolis, IN to begin planting Soma Church. This dream has been a long time coming, and thanks to Jesus and a lot of partners we are finally making it a reality.

Contrary to what many may think about the Midwest, Indy is not your typical “burnt-over-evangelical-midwestern-district.” As a matter of fact, only about 15% of folks in the metro area claim to be an evangelical Christian. According to a study of U.S. urban centers, Indy ranks dead last in church planting efforts per capita. As a guy who grew up 2 hours south of here, I am absolutely thrilled about the possibilities for a gospel movement here in this great city.

Having said that, we are now in the process of praying for the Spirit to draw a team of missionaries together that will eventually help us launch Soma Church. Qualifications include:

  • You love Jesus
  • You love Jesus’ mission more than your own expectations of church
  • You love Indianapolis (and the world)

If you know anyone who lives in the Indianapolis area who loves church planting or would be open to having a conversation, feel free to point them our direction. Here is our contact info:


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