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Jesus Storybook Bible for churches

July 7, 2011


The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones is absolutely my favorite resource for our family devotions at home. Clear, concise, and redemptive, Lloyd-Jones lays out the stories of the Bible in story format, with “every story whispering his (Jesus) name.” Thus, I was excited to hear recently that the JSB has been expanded into a […]

How to grow a contemporary church

July 5, 2011


Lately I’ve been reading and re-reading Alan Hirsch’s book, The Forgotten Ways. In his critique of Christendom & the modern church growth movement, he provided a stinging analysis of what he calls the “ministry mix” for growing churches: God’s gracious involvement aside, if you wish to grow a contemporary church following good church growth principles, […]

Family ministry models: what we can learn from each other, part 1

June 1, 2010


In the fall, Southern Seminary will be re-launching their Journal of Family Ministry. The focus of their first issue will be on models of family ministry, and I wanted to share some of the articles I have contributed on what we can learn from each other. Below is part 1 of a series entitled, “The […]

Vintage Church: Baptism

March 8, 2010


Historically, baptism has played an integral role in the life of the church. Believers’ baptism by immersion has been the historic, orthodox practice of the church. Baptism is both a symbol and a proclamation of the gospel. Watch this video as Pastor Jimmy explains the historical, theological, and practical significance of baptism for our church […]

Vintage Church Part 1 – Overview

February 28, 2010


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Crazy Love resources

February 1, 2010


We just wrapped up an incredible series at FBC West Palm Beach on generosity called “Crazy Love.” (Very creative title) In this series we challenged our church from the book of Philemon to be radically generous because of the generosity we have been shown in Jesus. We also had some very practical discussions concerning debt, […]

kevin deyoung on memorial day

May 25, 2009


Great thoughts from Kevin DeYoung on why memorial day is still worth remembering for the church. Here is a summary of his main points: Being a soldier is not a sub-Christian activity The life of a soldier can demonstrate the highest Christian virtues Military service is one of the most common metaphors in the New […]