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do you have the itch?

March 13, 2009


A Pew Research Poll reported that 46% of Americans would prefer to live somewhere other than where they are currently located.  According to the survey results, “who we are” shapes the kind of environment we perceive as the most ideal – political ideologies, age demographic, and geographical location.  On the subject of geography, the report […]

where have all the men gone?

February 27, 2009


Since March is officially women’s history month, I thought I would dedicate this first post to the issue of gender makeup in the church (no pun intended).  A recent Pew Research survey over 35,000 adults from multiple denominations found that women (surprise, surprise) were more spiritually engaged with their church than their male counterparts on […]

What makes marriage work?

February 12, 2009


What keeps your marriage healthy and thriving?  The last 40 days the couples at Highview have been engaging in a very productive challenge called the “Love Dare.”  The book is full of dozens of practical ways that husbands and wives can be more intentional about investing in their marriage despite the daily distractions and pressures […]

New survey links intact family unit and weekly worship with positive development for children

January 22, 2009


The Family Research Council released a report recently citing a new survey  on the effect family dynamics and religion have on the development of children.  Not surprisingly, their data joins a litany of other social science research demonstrating that children who live with two biological parents that attend weekly worship are more likely to experience […]

does your iphone make you dumber?

January 15, 2009


I came across an interesting article written by Sally Thomas in the November issue of First Things.  The piece is called iPhones have consequences, and basically points to a number of studies lamenting the dumbing down of young people due to the emergence of technologies such as iPhones and high-speed internet.  I enjoyed the article, […]