Websites Worth Your Time

Council on Biblical Manhood & Womanhood

This site is full of both theological and practical resources for teaching your kids about biblical manhood and womanhood.  Randy Stinson, who is the Executive Director, is a member of Highview and teaches at our East Campus.

Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes is both a monitor and filter for your home computer.  The nice thing is that it can be put on multiple computers so that your spouse could even install it on their work computer.  All of our male youth staff members have volunteered to have this on their own personal computer.

The Center for Parent and Youth Understanding is an excellent resource for understanding contemporary teen culture including technology, music, and movies.

Focus on the Family

While most people know James Dobson, you may not be familiar with this website. There are helpful articles on parenting issues, movie and media reviews, and just about anything you can imagine relating to the family.

Relevant Magazine

One of the best sites on the Net when it comes to cutting edge youth culture.  Includes articles, statistics, reviews, and profiles of teen superstars.  READ THIS OFTEN.

Screen It

Tired of sending your kids off to see a movie that you’re not sure about?  Screen It is an index of movies that gives you specifics on movie ratings, plot, elements (language, violence, negative scenes, etc), and so on. While this is not a Christian website, it is extremely family-friendly.

Summit Ministries

Great educational website covering Biblical Worldview issues such as creation/evolution, abortion, homosexuality, and other topics.  This is a great resource to consult as you prepare and debrief with your student on what they are learning in school, in the news, etc.

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