Should the Cooperative Program compete for church dollars?

Posted on May 24, 2010


As we near the Annual Meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention, the rhetoric is heating up with regard to the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force Report. And who else but Morris Chapman (soon-t0-retired head of the SBC’s Executive Committee) should be right in the middle of poo-pooing what could be the most significant report on the SBC in decades. Chapman, whose comments at last year’s annual meeting were nothing less than irrational nonsense, has now decided to air his “nine grave concerns” with the GCR report.

While Chapman’s arguments are tired and mostly territorial, I thought it would be worthwhile to post a link to Danny Akin and Nathan Finn’s “white papers” response to Chapman. You can read the paper in its entirety here, but in the meantime I thought this quote was particularly on point in its relevance to the whole discussion around the GCR and the Cooperative Program:

We continue to believe that the key to a healthy future for the CP is not to bemoan designated giving, but for the CP to make a compelling case that it is the best means of
funding our Great Commission priorities.


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