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Posted on February 1, 2010


We just wrapped up an incredible series at FBC West Palm Beach on generosity called “Crazy Love.” (Very creative title) In this series we challenged our church from the book of Philemon to be radically generous because of the generosity we have been shown in Jesus. We also had some very practical discussions concerning debt, budgeting, and lifestyle decisions that hinder our ability to be the generous people God saved us to be and most of us desire to be. I wanted to make the resources we used available to those of you who might consider doing something similar at your own church or in your own personal ministry. Enjoy!

Crazy Love Graphics:

Crazy Love Family Discussion Guide (PDF)

Crazy Love Family Discussion Guide (Word Doc)

Crazy Love Family Time Cards for Children

Crazy Love Messages (Video, Audio, Notes)

Sanctity of Human Life Video

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