Summer family reading

Posted on June 16, 2009


This summer I am reading (and re-reading) everything I can get my hands on related to parenting, family ministry, biblical manhood/womanhood, child-rearing, etc.  A few books that I plan to tackle are:

A few minutes ago, I finished up a book my good friend and fellow youth pastor Steve Wright called Apparent Privilege.  The book is a short but impactful read challenging parents to take up their God-given responsibility to disciple their children instead of simply “dropping them off” at church for the spiritual stuff.  What I love about the book is its practicality – it is filled with helpful suggestions and tips from not only a youth pastor but a father of three teenage children.  Some habits of effective parents that Wright highlights:

  1. Family worship
  2. Praying as a family
  3. Serving as a family
  4. Passage trips (mini-trips designed to mark the passage from childhood to adulthood)
  5. Journaling
  6. Journey days (events intended to affirm and initiate children into biblical manhood/womanhood)
  7. Family dinnertime

I would highly recommend this book for parents with children of any age still at home.  While this is certainly not the only method for discipling your children, it stands as one effective strategy for getting the ball rolling.  What’s your strategy?  How are you being intentional about teaching your children to become the godly men & women God has created them to be in Christ? Remember, no strategy IS a losing strategy.

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