we’re having a girl tomorrow

Posted on June 2, 2009


I have no idea what I am in for tomorrow. Surprise. Joy. Pink. Crying (her and me). Doctors. More pink. Celebration. And, most of all, a brand new love. We can’t wait to meet you Lilly Claire – and I hope you look like your mother.

In honor of this unfathomable shuffle in the gender composition of the Shields’ clan, I wanted to link to a moving article entitled “What I’ve Learned From Raising a Daughter.” The original article appeared at Art of Manliness, a GREAT website for men and manhood (I don’t think it’s Christian).  It was written by a first-time dad of a girl who was surprised by how much his little girl changed the way he viewed life.  Here were his some of his main points:

  1. Men are born to protect – “Though I’m sure that this instinct is there with boys as well, the strong conviction I have to protect my daughter is greater than nearly anything I’ve felt in my life.  It isn’t a feeling that has to be worked up, it’s just there, like cement, daring someone to move it.”
  2. Girls keep a man’s heart from growing too cold – “ Perhaps it’s because I went to a military academy, or spent too much time watching ‘Gladiator,’ but I realized after the birth of my daughter that my heart had grown a bit hard.  My compassion, patience and grace were all lacking…It’s not that I have now become a bumbling mess of emotion and softness since the birth of my daughter, but I have allowed myself to accept that not everything in life is simply a resource that must be dedicated to some ultimate victory.”
  3. Every girl is some man’s daughter
  4. Living for someone else – “One of the greatest tests of manhood is whether or not one has learned to abandon their life in the service of another…It doesn’t take much effort to be selfish.  In fact, it’s one of the most natural ways for us to live.  Children plop into our lives as miniature insurgents, waging war with our lifestyle of ‘me first.’ My daughter has opened my eyes to the beautiful struggle parents face in giving their lives to their children.”
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