swine flu from a christian perspective

Posted on April 30, 2009


Unless you’re Amish or have been living in a bomb shelter the last few weeks, you’ve been confronted with the sweeping hysteria of the swine flu pandemic that has dominated every major news outlet in the U.S.  While there is no denying that this strain of flu presents a potential world health crisis, it is interesting to see how people and government agencies are responding to the disease (canceling major cultural events, protective masks, no contact, etc).  In response to the widespread fears growing in many communities, there are two good articles by Dr. Albert Mohler and Dr. Hershael York on how Christians should maintain a distinctive perspective in the midst of these uncertain times.  One  excerpt from Dr. York’s article I thought was especially helpful:

We often care more about the dramatic than we do about the truly perilous. New dangers shock our sensibilities more than grave dangers. Threats that we have learned to live with for a long while fade from our consciousness, even though the risk may not be reduced.

The economic crisis gets our attention far more than the spiritual crisis the world is experiencing. We feel a deeper concern with our 401k’s than we do with the declining moral climate in our nation. Many churches expend more energy changing worship styles than they ever do strategizing to reach their communities.

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