educated beyond obedience?

Posted on April 7, 2009


Anyone who has ever obtained any kind of post-graduate degree has probably (as I have dozens of time) been teased with the old adage, “You’re too educated for your own good.”  While that is probably true for all of us, this is especially poignant for those of us who work in a church ministry setting. The barrage of pleas for Bible teaching, ministry strategy, and relational efforts to “go deeper” can be heard in churches of all theological persuasions, sizes, and socio-economic makeups.  Just in case you are frantically trying to decipher exactly what that means, let me make a general observation for you: “teach me something new!” New ideas, new theologies, new bible studies, new small groups, new information, new research, new philosophies.  These days, it seems everyone is on a quest to go deeper in a shallow kind of way.

While their intentions are well-meaning, people are misguided if they think that the only way to go “deeper” is to get “newer” information. Depth, as it were, is something that can only be attained over time through faithfulness, obedience, sin-killing, and Jesus-loving.  Transformation, not mere information, is the goal of the Christian life.

Sometimes I wonder if we are too educated for our own spiritual good?  I recently read a great blog post covering some of the same issues entitled, “Being educated beyond our obedience.”  Perry Noble also addresses this in a similar post.  In your opinion, what does it mean to be deep?

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