Thirst wrap-up

Posted on April 6, 2009


Thanks to all of our students, leaders, and families that were involved in the Thirst mission trip over the last 8 weeks.  Thirst is our annual U.S. urban mission trip that we have been taking since 1999.  The vision is two-fold: 1) leadership reproduction (high school training middle school students in spiritual habits) and 2) church planting (what is it and how can we be involved).

Overall, we had more than 100 students reading their Bibles, memorizing Scripture, taking notes, leading small groups, and the like.  Also, the trip was a huge success – we collected 3,000 lbs. of food for the Atlanta Community Food Bank and got to talk to a lot of people about Jesus.  This video cannot do justice to all that was accomplished in the lives of the people involved, but it is fun to watch nonetheless.  You can also see pictures from the trip here.

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