al mohler on the real population threat

Posted on March 26, 2009


Albert Mohler wrote a very intriguing article the other day challenging the modern assumption that large families and overpopulation are a threat to the future survival of humanity. This notion, which is gaining support among economists in Europe and other places around the world, essentially puts forth the argument that large families compete and consume scarce resources like energy, food, land, etc. Eventually, the logic goes, overpopulation will decimate the world’s resources and cause a Third-World crisis to erupt across the globe.  One of Mohler’s quotes:

Though population density can threaten sustainability in some areas of the globe, the far greater danger for our future is what Longman calls “depopulation.”  On a global scale, we are seeing the population of older persons exploding and the numbers of young persons falling . . . Christians should remember that this issue is never isolated from God’s purpose in creating humanity in His image and giving humans a distinctive role in the world.  He also gave us marriage and the gift of children within the family.  The contraceptive revolution has changed the way modern people look at children.  Now, children are a choice . . . and a choice many couples now do not choose.

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