how secure is your church?

Posted on March 12, 2009


In the wake of the recent tragedy that occurred in Maryville, IL, many churches are thinking or re-thinking their procedures for ensuring the safety of their congregation and leaders during Sunday worship services.  Unfortunately, this is something that is probably going to become more prominent in the near future as the prevailing culture of death pushes core biblical truths (marriage, gender identity, sexuality, life & death) to the peripherals in an attempt to normalize/legalize immorality in America.

Does your church have a gameplan for dealing with mentally unstable, violent, disruptive, or otherwise unwelcomed visitors on your church campus?  Mark Driscoll recently posted a series of questions that every church would be wise to consider in developing their own strategy (after all his church is located in an urban area).  At Highview, we have a Medical and Security Team comprised of laymen and local officials who have planned and implemented a strategy for various disaster scenarios should they occur on Sunday morning.  You can view our manual here.

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