Bible reading plan…day 25

Posted on January 24, 2009


Today is Day 25 on my ESV Bible Reading Plan.  Some have said that it takes 21 days for something to become a habit, so I guess I am on my way to a more successful year of Bible reading and reflection.  So far, I have worked through the entire books of Ezra and Nehemia, as well as 25 chapters of Genesis, Matthew, and Acts.

As I reflect on these past 3 weeks of a renewed emphasis on reading through the Bible, there have been several things that I have been reminded of about practicing spiritual habits:

  1. Consistency is the key – this is no profound insight, but simply committing to a set time in the morning has been HUGE. I also placed 3 post-it notes above my desk that communicate (in order of priority) my three primary roles in life – Christian, husband/father, and pastor.
  2. Planning is critical – I struggle the most when I don’t have a gameplan. There are several great reading plans out there, so I really don’t have a good excuse for not taking advantage of them.
  3. Delivery format was the missing link – I love the fact that the ESV plan utilizes technology to deliver the daily readings. I use my iPhone for almost everything now – calendar, email, internet, twittering, etc. Why not use it to my advantage when it comes to practicing the disicplines?  So, I signed up to receive a daily email and have it put into my iCal program. Practically, this means the first email (5:30am every morning) I have to process each morning is my quiet time. Try putting that in the hold folder! Ouch.

What process works for you?  What’s your gameplan for reading through the Bible?

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