read your bible this year

Posted on January 1, 2009


As a pastor responsible for training other future pastors, one of the things that constantly amazes me is how many Bible college students graduate and have never read their Bible in its entirety.  For most of us, the challenge is the tyranny of the urgent – we read, preach, and meditate on those verses that we are teaching or studying as a part of our church.

For those of us looking for a good challenge in 2009, how about reading your Bible from cover to cover?  Wouldn’t it feel good to say you’ve accomplished that?  After all, isn’t our obedience directly tied to our knowledge of ALL of God’s inspired Word?

I found this link from the guys over at Between Two Worlds that I thought might help others pursuing this ever-elusive goal.  These daily Bible reading plans will take you through the Bible in 2009, and the best part is there are multiple delivery platforms (iCal, Web, RSS, Email, Mobile).  “Study to show yourself approved…”

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