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Posted on November 18, 2008


As I sit in my living room yelling at the television during the UK-UNC basketball game, I am reminded of how big of a role athletics plays in the average American family.  How should Christians think about sports?  Should that look different than the rest of the world?  As a father of two young boys, I wonder how I will handle this important issue.  Two great resources I have found deal theologically with this critical topic: an article called Fathers and Sons and March Madness by CJ Mahaney and Game Day for the Glory of God by Stephen Altrogge.

Some great pointers from Mahaney’s article:


  • Humbly receive correction from your coach and ask your coach how you can grow in character as well as athletic skill.
  • Thank your coaches for the way they have served you. And thank the referees after each game.
  • Encourage your teammates for their display of godly character and athletic skill–in that order of priority.
  • Encourage your opponents during and after the game. If you knock someone over, extend your hand to help them up.
  • Play the game passionately and unselfishly. Serve your team by playing aggressive defense [his father never did this] and passing the ball on offense [again, his father never did this].
  • Humbly respond when the referee calls a foul on you. Do not complain or disagree in word or by facial expression [his father never did this].
  • No inappropriate celebrating after you score; instead, recognize that others played a role [his father never did this].
  • Thank the team manager for the way he served and recognize the humility and servanthood he is displaying each game. True greatness is sitting on the end of the bench.
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