Day 6

Posted on June 30, 2007


The last two days have been quite a blur, but I will try to catch everyone up to speed as best as I can.  Yesterday (Thursday), we got the opportunity to travel out to the church’s “children’s home,” which is much more in Spanish than the name suggests in English.  Basically, this ministry of the church reaches out to the poorest of the poor in rural areas where most families are single moms/dads and where the children can’t read or write and their parent has no job.  So, the children’s home, for about $30 per student per month, is able to teach children to read, teach them about the Bible, feed them a hot meal, instruct them in some basic life skills (judo, orchestra, etc.), and also give their parents an opportunity to make crafts/commerce that they can turn around and sell for money.  Most of the kids walk at least an hour through a forest to obtain this support.  I think we are going to take up a collection and send it back when we get back to the States – for a couple hundred bucks we can support 10 or 20 of these kids.  It was such a neat time serving them food, trying to speak to them in Spanish, and just loving on them.

Today, we did some extreme sightseeing and went to both the Basillica (2nd most visited Catholic site in the world) and the great Aztec Temples.  I will try to upload some pictures, but they don’t do justice to what we witnessed – people crawling on their hands and knees doing penance outside the church, a life sized statue of Jesus on the cross with real human hair on his head, etc.  It was quite an experience.  After that, we visited the temples and walked some 400 steps straight up into the air and actually got to stand where the Aztec priests sacrificed their children each day over 3,000 years ago so that the sun would come up the next day (that’s what they believed).  The darkness in both of these places was saddening and almost palpable – I think everyone was really moved with more compassion for the lost.  Afterwards (tonight), we got to participate in small groups with the Mexican students all over the city…it was a very refreshing time.  I will try to upload some more pictures tomorrow – all of the kids are well and having a great time!

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