Day 4

Posted on June 28, 2007


Today was truly an amazing day.  The youth pastor at the local church here arranged a soccer tournament in a nearby pueblo (town), one of the poorest in the area.  The soccer field was turf and was a pay-to-play field, which meant that we could control what went on and who came.  The games began with us getting shellacked by a group of Mexican high school students, much to our embarrassment.  However, after that we ran the table for four straight games and had the students chanting “U-S-A” by the end of the day.  It was an absolute blast – almost felt like a really important game!  After the games ended, we huddled up the crowd of students and children (about 50) and had Jordan Davis & Sarah Raley share their testimonies.  They did a great job presenting their story in a clear and understandable way.  The youth pastor and I then took turns sharing the gospel in English and Spanish, and afterwards we saw about 20 young men indicate that they had accepted Christ for the first time.  Great huh???

 Tonight, we got a chance to just hang out with the Mexican youth group at a local soccer field.  We played soccer, ate snacks, and watched the Mexico vs. Brazil game.  The evening ended with burritos and Kirk eating a foot-and-a-half long hotdog.  What a day!  I promise to have pictures up tomorrow…I have to track them down from the students.

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