Day 3

Posted on June 26, 2007


The week is going by amazingly fast.  Yesterday, we spent the morning doing some sightseeing in downtown Mexico City. We took the students to see the Catholic Church, which is about 500 years old and has some intriguing elements of Catholic theology.  Most of our students have never witnessed these aspects of Catholicism, and I think it was a reminder of how truly different biblical Christianity and Roman Catholicism really are in both theology and practice.  They just couldn’t believe the relics, numerous venerations of Mary, and the focus on the death of Christ (statues of Christ on the cross are everywhere, as opposed to our focus on the resurrection of Christ) as part of Catholic mass. We will see this again in a more dramatic fashion at the Basillica on Thursday.

 As for ministry, we have had two great nights of relationship building playing soccer and basketball at a park not far from here.  Jordan Davis has amazed the Mexicans with his soccer skills, the girls have done a great job with some of the younger kids, and “Kirk-tacious” (Kirk Morton) continues to impress on the basketball court.  We will go one more night tonight, as each student will share their testimony with someone they have built a relationship with this week.  Please pray that the hearts of these athletes will be open and ready for the message we will bring.  Oh, I almost forgot – we painted the Seminary’s music building this morning…you would have been proud of how hard your kids are working.  The guys will call home tonight if all goes well.  I’ll also put some pictures up later from the things we have seen and done this week.

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