Day 1

Posted on June 25, 2007


Day 1 of our Mexico City venture is off to a fast start.  We got through the airport ok, with an unbelievable 25 minute wait for Starbucks!  After getting through customs, we enjoyed an authentic Mexican feast of tacos, enchiladas, and burgers (Zac Clinton!).  Later last night, we were able to go to a local park and play soccer/basketball with some local university and high school students.  At the end of the evening, our kids were so intermingled only their skin color gave away their nationality.  After the game, we took a group of those students to dinner and began a gospel conversation with them.  It was incredible!  Thanks for your prayers.  Today, we will be going downtown to do a little sightseeing, followed by our first crack at skits/testimonies tonight.  We will call home as soon as possible, but in the meantime enjoy these pictures of the kids doing what they do best.

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