Crystal Ball…

Posted on June 9, 2007


Wow this is scary…the Institute for Religion and Democracy unveiled the following “Outrageous Quote of the Week.”  This is the future of pluralism and liberal theology:

 “The way I understand Jesus is compatible with Islam. And although there are Christians and Muslims who think I must convert from one to another, the more I go down this path, the more excited I am about both Christianity and Islam.

“I agree with both [Islam and Christianity] because I do want to say that Jesus is unique, and for me, Jesus is my spiritual master.  Muslims say Mohammed is the most perfect.  Well, it depends on who you fall in love with….I was following Jesus, and he led me into Islam, and he didn’t drop me off at the door.  He’s there, too.”

— The Rev. Dr. Ann Holmes Redding, speaking on her dual role as practicing Muslim and Episcopal Priest, in an interview on page 9 of the June 2007 Episcopal Voice, an official publication of the Episcopal Church in western Washington (state). Dr. Redding is a professor of theology at Seattle University.

You can visit the IRD’s website here.

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