Moving to a new city?

Posted on May 13, 2007


If you have ever engaged in the two-step dance that is a ministry interview, you will inevitably reach the stage where you begin discussing the all-important “package.”  In the process of negotiating base salary, benefits, compensation, housing, etc., you might begin to ask yourself, “Is this a good deal?  What should I be expecting here?”  Enter “Payscale,” an online marketing research company that conducts research on national compensation for a variety of professions, including Southern Baptist pastors.  While this company doesn’t necessarily tell you what is a good or bad salary package, it does provide you with a benchmark for what others in your position (experience, city, staff position) are making.  If you are already on staff somewhere, just try it out for fun – you might find it helpful in your yearly ministerial evaluations.  See the link here.

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