Mark and Jesus…

Posted on March 8, 2007


Last night we began our 7-week series through the book of Mark.  One of the obvious things you see about Jesus in the first chapter of Mark is the ability he possesses to radically change people’s lives (cf. Andrew, John, Peter’s mother, demon-possessed man).  As I think about my own life, I am encouraged by remembering all of the unbelievable ways God has changed the quality and direction of my life – he saved me and gave me eternal life, he broke a generational addiction to alcohol present on both sides of my family, he cleaned me up enough to impress and marry a beautiful woman, and he has given me an incredible son!  As you think about this first chapter of Mark, what ways has Jesus intervened and changed your life?  This is a great exercise to practice as a Christian – remembering God’s works in the past keeps us grounded in the present and gives us hope for the future!

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