God’s Power…

Posted on March 2, 2007


At our Fegenbush Campus last night, we had one of the most incredible and moving services we have had in a LONG time.  What was most intriguing about the night?  We gave students the option of staying for a night of “worship,” or going to the gym to play basketball/games – which did most of them choose?  Surprisingly, about 70% of our students stayed to participate in the service.  All in all, it was an hour and a half of worship experiences – we had students lay prostrate for a time of repentance, we got on our knees to cry out to God in prayer, lifted our hands, and prayed out loud corporately while singing a variety of songs and a few extemporaneous sermonettes by yours truly.  At the end, students spent about 15 minutes giving testimony to what God was doing in their lives – there were tears for sure, but most interesting I think we experienced God’s power in a fresh way.  Which leads me to this thought: how are we encouraging students to connect with God’s power in their lives?  Beyond teaching, can times like these help renew and refresh our relationship with God?

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