The 5 Most Overrated Teams So Far…

Posted on January 8, 2007


And, here it is…my personal list of this season’s most overrated basketball squads at the onset of conference play. Unfortunately, it’s only going to get worse for some of these posers!

5. Air Force

With high quality wins against such perennial juggernauts as Arkansas-Pine Bluff and Long Beach State, the Falcons have built a strong case to squeak into the NCAA tournament so far. Fortunately for them, conference play promises to be a breather – no ranked opponents!

4. Alabama

The Crimson Tide have 5 starters in double figures, shredding the likes of Lipscomb and Coppin St. in a powerhouse non-conference schedule. SEC ball is just around the corner, though – uh oh!

3. Duke

What’s in a name? The ONLY possible explanations for Duke’s #11 ranking is their history and Coach K. They have been extremely lucky up to this point and Paulus is absolutely horrible. Not a good recipe for ACC play.

2. Pittsburgh

Who have they played? Enough said.

And, the most ridiculously overranked team in the entire field of NCAA basketball…

I’ll finish this one in my next post…

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